Capture Beyond Limits was started to provide outdoor photographers and filmmakers with equipment that is lightweight and portable. We strive to make our gear lighter than anything on the market without sacrificing stability and functionality. Our equipment is made to be easy to travel with whether you are backpacking or throwing it in a carry on.

Chris Mabey and Kip Hacking started Capture Beyond Limits to fill needs they saw on their own photo and video expeditions.

Chris is a mechanical engineer and has won awards for his designs in carbon fiber and Kevlar composites. He is also a professional photographer specializing in nature and outdoor sports. Chris ran a successful photography project on Kickstarter called The Best Idea We ever Had where he showed how the government sequester affected the national parks.

Kip is an electrical engineer and is responsible for the design of all the electronics in the Nebo Slider. He is also a photographer and spent years developing black and white film in his darkroom.