Thank you for all your support for the Nebo Slider. We are so close to our goal and making this product a reality! Currently we are at 99% funded! We have been so happy with all the positive press we have received and would like to thank all of you who have shared the project. You can see all of the articles on the press page of our website at:

At this stage, we will not be able to offer the video motor kit as an add on during our Kickstarter campaign. A video motor was an idea was given to us and our original plan was to test out and offer the motor some time after the Kickstarter campaign was over. It was clear that many of you would be interested in a video motor now. So we made an effort to test different motors and how they performed on the Nebo Slider for video. We want to offer you the highest quality product possible and right now our development of the video motor kit is not far enough along to feel like we can offer it to you at this time. It feels much better for us to take a product that is ready for use and offer it our online store in the coming months, than for us to take pledges now for the video motor kit while the product is not ready for you. We will continue working to have a video motor ready by the time orders ship from the Kickstarter campaign and then you will be able to order the motor from our online store that we will be setting up at We will also offer the motor kit at a discounted price for Kickstarter backers and will send you a coupon code via a Kickstarter update.

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Once orders are fulfilled from Kickstarter we will continue pushing forward to bring you more products that will expand the limits of where and what you shoot.