We are excited to announce our first Capture Beyond Limits Ambassador, George Bruce Wilson from Three Peak Films

Bruce is an outdoor photographer and filmmaker. 

Bruce is an outdoor photographer and filmmaker. 

Name: George Bruce Wilson

Age: 28

Home Base: Orem, UT

Gear:  For time lapses Bruce uses a Sony a7s because it's very sharp, has great dynamic range, and low light abilities.  He also uses the Nebo Slider.  "It fits my lifestyle perfectly.  It's light, easy to use and fast to set up" notes Bruce.

About: Ever since his childhood he's been obsessed with creating. From drawing cartoons to trying to make short videos with GI Joe's on his dad's giant VHS camcorder.

"I don't know why, but being able to create has always given me a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  As I grew older my passion for creation brought me to making custom luxury furniture; I did it for years and I loved it. Seeing something come out of nothing and having a finished product brings closure and fuels my desire even more than before." - Bruce

Eventually he turned to story telling through film making and photography, which is now his full time career.  He believes that the learning process never ends, and hopes to continue to learn and master new aspects of photography.

We are very pleased to have Bruce become part of the Capture Beyond Limits team and will be regularly sharing videos that he captures with the Nebo Slider on our Instagram and Facebook.

Bruce using the Nebo Slider in Yosemite.

Make sure to check out his website and social media:
Three Peak Films Website