World's Lightest Camera Slider

The Nebo Slider is the world’s most lightweight and portable motion controlled slider, weighing less than your Macbook Pro. The slider is 40 inches (1 m) long and dissembles into two sections. The Nebo Slider easily fits in a carry-on bag or backpack for exploring. 

Motion Controlled Time Lapse

Through the use of simple motor controls you can have the Nebo Slider setup and running in less than a minute. You can control the speed and direction of the motion. All of the electronics and the 9 volt battery are housed in one of the end pieces of the slider to keep the design as compact as possible.

The slider has two switches: one for power and one for the direction. There is also a speed control knob to adjust the time it will take to move across the entire slider from 25 minutes to 110 minutes. An LED indicator will tell you if the slider is on. The Nebo Slider can be used horizontally and vertically.

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Real-Time Video Slides

Use your Nebo Slider to shoot real-time slider shots. The flywheel creates smooth manual video when using your slider. The mass of the wheel reduces any shake or sudden movements your hands make. 


Nebo Camera Slider Provo Canyon.jpg

Portable Slider for Time Lapses and Video

With variable speeds for time lapses and 40 inches of travel for manual video this is a photographers/videographers ultimate tool in the field. Manufactured out of carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum the Nebo Slider achieves a design that is ultralight and stable.